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Salthouse Bottles e-commerce platform

Salthouse Bottles is a bottle shop based in Brockley, South East London that offers a curated selection of wine, beer, cider and spirits, in both permanent and rotating selections, new releases and seasonal specials.

With the challenges of COVID-19, the small store adapted it's business model to include a much wider range of food essentials to be delivered to customers in the local area.

The company approached me to design and development a Shopify-based e-commerce platform. As part of the service, I helped to establish a brand proposition that would inform the design in a way that would utilise product knowledge to play into the small store’s strengths.

This approach resulted in Our Favourite Makers; a focal point of the site allowing the company to highlight favourite product vendors - updated on a day-to-day basis - offering the customer a more curated shopping experience.

Salthouse Bottles e-commerce platform

Utilising some of the existing colours for the shop exterior, I expanded the existing visual identity, refining the colour palette and typographic styles to create a UI kit for its new look.

Heading 1 Helvetica Now Mircro Regular
45px / 54px / 2.2px
Salthouse Bottles Heading 1
Heading 2 Helvetica Now Text Bold
15px / 24px / 1.5px
Salthouse Bottles Heading 2
Paragraph Helvetica Now Text Regular
15px / 24px / 0px
Salthouse Bottles Paragraph Salthouse Bottles Paragraph
#71C2A3 - Ocean Green
#ACDCCA - Turquoise Green
#FFFFFF - White
#F6F6F6 - Light Grey
#3A3A3A - Dark Grey
#000000 - Black
Salthouse Bottles colours