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COS Magazine

For the first digital-only publication of COS’s popular seasonal magazine there was an opportunity to fully utilise the benefits of a web-based approach by encompassing user interaction, integrating additional video content and offering the customer a unique experience from the rest of the site.

The SS19 issue is devoted to the theme Light. Designed in collaboration with the design team at COS and built single-handedly, I added subtle fades between content and pages which allowed the theme to embody the magazine in a way that was not previously possible in the printed publication.


I developed a grid system that adapted to four different screen sizes ranging from large desktops to mobile devices. This enabled me to ensure that line lengths generally conformed to 10-12 words a line so that the magazine layouts best displayed the content for all users maximising readability - an important factor for the previous reader of the printed magazine.

The project also involved designing custom UI components. These became essential to help the user distinguish between magazine content and opportunities to shop.

COS Magazine index page

To improve user experience on mobile devices and assure article pages were accessible and easy to navigate, I designed and developed a custom drop down menu that slides down when the reader scrolls up 10px and hides again on down scroll. This provides an efficient way to go to the next article without navigating back to the index page repetitively.

COS Magazine index page

My name is James. I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and focused designer and developer.

I take a holistic approach to projects, specialising in front-end development, digital design and identity. Integrating coding into my creative approach, I design more empathetically for the web and actively use technology as part of the process, not as an afterthought.

I believe in a thoughtful, concept driven approach to design that allows function to dictate form, and I work inquisitively and openly with clients to find the right result. I'm always up for new challenges. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to get in touch: hello@mynameisjames.co.uk