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For the first digital-only publication of COS’s popular seasonal magazine there was an opportunity to fully utilise the benefits of a web-based approach by encompassing user interaction, integrating additional video content and offering the customer a unique experience from the rest of the site.

The SS19 issue was devoted to the theme Light. Designed in collaboration with the design team at COS and built single-handedly, I added subtle fades between content and pages which allowed the theme to embody the magazine in a way that was not previously possible in the printed publication.

COS Magazine index page
COS Magazine index page
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COS Magazine Heading 1
Heading 2 Fakt Pro Medium
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COS Magazine Heading 2
Heading 3 Fakt Pro Semi Bold
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COS Magazine Heading 3
Heading 4 Fakt Pro Semi Bold
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COS Magazine Heading 4
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COS Magazine Paragraph
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COS Magazine Captions
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COS Magazine Page Link COS Magazine Page Link
“This season’s COS magazine is devoted to light, the starting point of all things.” — COS